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Edward Arthur Rogers Jr.

March 30, 1968 – March 14, 2017

Edward Rogers
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I always had this routine, each time I came home to visit. My first two stops were to the Ridge Cemetery and to Eddie's trailer (also known to me as "Aunt Phoebe's old trailer."). Then on to Turkey Cove. Sometimes I'd hit the cemetery first, other times I'd stop to see Eddie first and we'd often go up there together. I treasure all the conversations we had. We both enjoyed talking about family and especially the ones that were gone. I loved how he'd pronounce my Mom's name, "Aunt Care-line." We'd talk a lot about my Aunt Myrt and Uncle Eddie (who were Eddie's grand-parents), my parents and all the other aunts and uncles. More than anyone else, Eddie was always encouraging and supportive about me moving home, not just to Maine of course, but home, to the peninsula. In fact, I still have his voicemail on my phone, from just the day before he passed, asking what I'd found out about some property he'd given me a lead on. He said to call him back and let him know. It still shakes me every day, that I can't call him back.... I remember when my little cousin was born. I remember him having troubles at a young age. He always struggled, but he always wanted to do better. He attracted good friends, like Hartley Spencer and many others throughout the years, who just wanted to help him do better. Eddie had a huge heart. I guess that goes without saying, if you knew him. He'd never hurt a soul, but sadly had a tendency to hurt himself. (Other than worrying his family to pieces, on many occasions..) I think it says an awful lot about Eddie, that in spite of all his flaws, he was so well liked, cared for and loved by so many. I am very much going to miss our visits and phone calls. He ended almost every one by saying "I love you." I don't really want to say goodbye, so I'm just going to say what Mom, (Eddie's Aunt Caroline) would say. - "So long Eddie. I love you too!"
Lilly Black - Wednesday March 22, 2017 via Condolence Message
Dear Stephie, Patti and Mary and all your families. My heart goes out to all of you as you grieve your brother Eddie's sad death. He was really a very dear soul and I'm sure that part of him survived the tragedy of his addiction and illness. The graveside service in May seems a lovely way to honor Eddie and say good-bye and it will be so nice to see you all then. With great fondness, Chris
Christine Bly - Wednesday March 22, 2017 via Condolence Message
I have fond memories of Eddie visiting us "up the road" when he was a little fella. He was always interested in what was going on.His wonderful Grandparents could not slow his busy life down as he cruised up and down the road on his tiny miny-bike at full speed.Later on always willing to help,became quite knowledgeable about vehicles and mechanics. My condolences to his Family.
john bly - Tuesday March 21, 2017 via Condolence Message
I am so sorry to read of Eddie's passing. He and I were friends since childhood. He was a great person, never heard him say a bad word about anyone. He was always willing to do anything he could to help out a friend or stranger. Last time I saw him was at Mary's wedding, we got a chance to reminisce old times. He will be missed. Thinking of you all, Fondly, Vanessa
Vanessa Morris Croxford - Tuesday March 21, 2017 via Condolence Message
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